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We are DW Partnership Ltd, a team of skilled craftsmen providing a friendly, professional and efficient service in the design and manufacture of bespoke wooden furniture. With over 10 years’ experience, we work with you and your requirements turning your ideas into unique and functional products.

Living in times of economic growth and expansion creates a bigger demand for space in modern households. Our solution for that are built into ceiling beds and modular furniture which offer ingenious, stylish methods for creating and opening up new roomspace. These solutions avoid the need to add extremely costly extensions or even having to move house, while still adding the space you require.

We offer innovative space creating beds for clients across the UK. We work together with Technology Product Concepts Ltd as a LiftBed (Germany), Mobile Bed (France) and BedAway (Sweden) authorised distributor and service provider. We are a Voga exclusive supplier in the UK.

Creating space for living
turn room into space…

…in hotels
Our beds make a suite out of your regular hotel room. Here your guest can live and work comfortably or invite others for meetings.

…for your home
During the day hide away beds can transform your bedroom into a spacious children’s room, a home office or a second living room. Your workroom can turn into a guest room whenever you need one.

…for your vacation home
Even on vacation the sun doesn’t always shine! Our up down beds can convert your bedroom into a cozy living space for your daytime pleasure.

…in small apartments
Get a good night’s sleep with our beds, then enjoy the extra space and flexibility during the day.

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